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Privatisation of Hotels in Croatia

An article titled ‘ Hotels a hard sell in tourist magnet Croatia’ is about privatisation of some Croatian hotels. It was published today in International Business Times. Here is an excerpt:

Pavle Radonic has worked as assistant manager for Hotel Belvedere, overlooking the medieval city of Dubrovnik, for 18 years. Except for the first few months on the job, he has never welcomed a guest. How a five-star cliffside resort on the Adriatic has remained shuttered for so long — or how other prime seaside hotels live in a socialist-era, state-owned time warp – are among the enduring mysteries of Croatia’s tourist industry. Offering crystal-clear Adriatic waters uncommon in many parts of rival destinations such as Italy and Spain, Croatia has enjoyed a tourist boom since the end of the Yugoslav wars… Read the rest of the article

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