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Property development potential of Sipan Island near Dubrovnik

Under the title ‘ World rediscovers the Adriatic’s pearls’, Sipan island and its property development potential is featuread in today’s eddition of Daily Telegraph’s Overseas Property section. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Croatia’s charming island villages are being renewed after centuries of decline, writes Phil McNeill. In the 11th century, when Dubrovnik was part of the Byzantine Empire, 11,000 people lived on the nearby island of Sipan, locals say. Now there are fewer than 500.

“It took us a thousand years to rediscover it,” says Igor Tomljenovic, the project manager for Braemore, a Nottingham-based developer which is building apartments on the six-mile-long island.

We all love islands, but for property owners the problem usually is getting there. Croatia’s islands, however, are genuinely accessible. It has 1,000 islands hugging its coast, 47 of them inhabited, and almost all visible from the Adriatic shore.

If you owned a property on Sipan, you could be there in four hours. A two-hour flight to Dubrovnik, a cab ride to the port, then a 40-minute trip by high-speed catamaran, costing just £2 (or an hour by rustbucket ferry) and you’re on your island… Read the rest of the article

One Response to “Property development potential of Sipan Island near Dubrovnik”

  • Sue l Property on March 24th, 2009 7:18 am

    What a wonderful place to be, one can only just imagine have a part of an Island and having a dream house there, be it a permanent home or a holiday home. The travel time is really not that bad to get there and not to bad in the way of cost either. This place is truly beautiful and it great to see that there is development happening and with that there is money coming in for every one.

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