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Queer Zagreb Festival 2009


Queer Zagreb, festival which hosted so far some of the biggest figures of contemporary dance expression, controversial video projections, motivated discussions and artistic considerations is set to take place from 5th to 10th of May in Zagreb.

‘Queer Zagreb festival contributes each year to the cultural and social diversity of Croatia, as the program attracts wide audiences and allows them to see things differently – but also to see different things.

The festival has been making its mark by presenting artists who challenge norms of aesthetics and of contents within which the vast majority of local culture in Croatia rests, dizzy by the stale stench of mediocricy and bored with itself into deep slumber.

The strength of festival’s program this year lies in the variety of artistic aesthetics and approaches to body as tool of precise choreography, as a source of private and public pleasure or pain, as a space of violence, vessel of illness.

Festival managed to bring together an impressive choir of artistic voices from Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Great Britain and Bulgaria.

Details: Queer Zagreb 2009, time: 5.05.2009. – 10.05.2009. place: Zagreb, Croatia , organiser: Queer Zagreb (http://www.queerzagreb.org)

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