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Rafting on Zrmanja River

river-cetina1Zrmanja, one of the cleanest rivers in Croatia is hosting rafting enthusiasts in its unique canyon.  A traditional regatta, which has made this karst river famous even outside the Croatian borders, will be held in April.

The race lasts for two days, and the rafting descent trail takes 2-3 hours. The two-day event ends with a charity dinner and the traditional Miss Zrmanja beauty pageant. Also, apart from the race and other entertainment, organizers are preparing a series of interesting lectures on karst, hydrology of Zrmanja, ecology of karst, caves, flora and fauna of the river and its tributaries, and sustainable development of the canyon of  Zrmanja.

River Zrmanja is located in northern Dalmatia, at the foot of Velebit Mountain. It originally springs from under the
mountain Poštak in the southern part of Lika, one of central Croatia reagions and flows into the Novigrad Sea 12 kilometers from Obrovac. It is 69 kilometers long, and because of the proximity of the sea it is suitable for rafting all year round.

Zrmanja will capture you with its beauty and is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia because of its canyons and waterfalls. Its crystal clear waters meander through some two hundred meters deep canyon. In it, the river has created numerous travertine waterfalls from which the 11 meters high waterfall Veliki Buk particularly stands out.

Zrmanja is, due to its location and hard access, also called the “hidden beauty”, and lovers of rafting have given her the name “Beauty and the Beast” because when it overflows, it offers one of the best rafting experiences in this part of Europe, and when its calm it lightly carries one through landscapes that do not leave anyone indifferent.

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