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Trains and Railways in Croatia


Croatian Railways (Hrvatske Zeljeznice) network is not the huge one.Train network in continental part of Croatia is extensive and connects most of the major towns.
Besides local transport it’s main route is from Zagreb to Split. Istria is connected by rail to Slovenian network only. Dubrovnik isn’t connected to railroad network at all, since early 60’s.

The most popular route by tourist and travellers is one that connects Croatian capital Zagreb with Split and Adriatic Coast.

The railway is a sustainable mode of transport and it’s probably the best way of travel in terms of nature preservation.

How to come to Croatia by Train:

Almost all international trains to Croatia go to Zagreb, one is going to Rijeka. below is daily train connection info to Croatia from neighbouring countries:

  • Trains from Austria to Croatia : Vienna to Zagreb trains are served with 2 trains daily + Vienna to Rijeka trains – only 1 train daily
  • Trains from Italy to Croatia: Venice to Zagreb trains – servis : one train daily
  • Trains from Slovenia to Croatia: Ljubljana to Zagreb trains – served by 12 trains daily
  • Trains from Hungary to Croatia : Budapest to Zagreb trains – served by 3 trains daily
  • Trains from Serbia (Srbia) to Croatia : Belgrade (Beograd) – Zagreb trains – served by 5 trains daily

Maps of Croatian Railways

Trains in Croatia Travel Forum:

Ask questions and find answers about your trains to and within Croatia at our Croatia Train Travel Forum. below are recent topics from the forum:

Croatia by InterRail Train Pass:

The InterRail Croatia Pass is a Flexi Pass valid for unlimited travel on Croatian Railways’ network (HZ) subject to the terms and conditions of the pass.

This Flexi Pass allows you to choose the days of travel (between 3 and 8 days) at your own convenience within the overall validity of the pass which is one month.

If you are planning to travel beyond Croatia or intend on exploring various countries in Europe over a longer period of time, then you may want to consider purchasing an InterRail Global Pass which allows unlimited and cost effective rail travel on the complete network of the participating railways including Croatia (subject to the terms and conditions of the pass).

Latest News about Trains in Croatia:

Very good website to research train travel is Die Bahn (see link below) where one can search for timetables for most of the journey in Europe, including journeys to Zagreb and other Croatian places.

Croatian Railways Links:

We used following sites to find info about trains in Croatia:

  • Die Bahn – searchable website for train journeys around Europe – includes fares too.
  • Croatian Railways – searchable Croatian railway network, includes Tickets Price Guide – it used to have following railway info, but is now discontinued:
  • Croatian Railway Museum – Hrvatski željezni?ki muzej – The Croatian Railway museum was founded in 1991 and has a collection of any items relating to the Croatian railway. There are over seven thousand photographs of railway vehicles, signs, tracks, etc. The museum also has a video library of over 51 video recordings and 52 CDs that relate to the Croatian railway. The museum’s collections are divided up into the railway vehicles, their equipment, uniforms, documents, items used for construction and telecommunication equipment: Croatia Railway Museum, Mihanoviceva 12, Zagreb – Croatia – Phone: +385 (0)145 77 111
  • Croatian Railway Cultural Association – Organized activities of the Croatian Railways employees in cultural and sport fields have their roots in nonprofessional singing, acting and sport activities dated at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Trainspotters Page – interesting info about railways and trains in Croatia
  • Railway House – Dom Zeljeznicara – old luggage label

Direct railway routes:

Croatia’s direct railway routes are networked with Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro and Switzerland. They are indirectly connected with the other European countries. Železni?ná spolo?nos? Slovensko, a.s., in cooperation with ?eskými dráhami, is preparing the possibility of traveling from Bratislava to Split by train. The train operates on a daily basis, and tourists are allowed to transport their bikes. The fast train operates on a daily basis from June to September. www.slovakrail.sk

Croatian Railway Offices in Europe:

Hungary – Budapest

Ž- Horvát Vasutak




p.f. 1617

Phone: +36 1 3382-609

Fax: +36 1 3180-700

Germany – Munich





Phone: +49 89 7100-0965

Fax: +49 89 7100-0967

Austria – Vienna



A-1010 WIEN

Phone: +43 1 5817-166

Fax: +43 1 5858-253

Serbia and Montenegro – Belgrade





Phone: +381 11 684-344

Fax: +381 11 688-585