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Croatian Regions



Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia, located on the very west part of Croatia. It looks like a triangle (see map of Istria) and is very popular destination for tourist and travellers due to it’s close vicinity to Italy, Slovenia and Austria, as well as it’s large coastline, full of small and larger bays with hundred of places and villages offering tourist services…read more about Istria


Dalmatia – Dalmatia is Croatian region located on the very south of Croatia. It includes hundreds of Croatian islands as well as mountains Velebit, Biokovo and Sveti Ilija on Peljesac peninsula. Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Sibenik and Zadar are cities that are located on Dalmatian mainland as well as numerous smaller places like Sinj suitable to visit and spend some nice time there..read more about Dalmatia

Kvarner Gulf

Kvarner – The Kvarner Gulf is the area in Northern part of Croatian Adriatic, bordered by Croatian mainland and Istrian Peninsula. Kvarner is one of the closest points of Adriatic Sea to Central and Western Europe, therefore, because of it’s vicinity and mild climate, Kvarner was a very popular tourist destination for Western Europeans since the times of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the 19th century…read more about Kvarner

Gorski Kotar

Gorski Kotar – Gorski Kotar is the mountainous region of central continental part of Croatia, located between Karlovac and Rijeka. Gorski Kotar borders with Lika and Kvarner regions. Gorski Kotar means “mountain district” as a large part of its territory is densely  …read more about Gorski Kotar

Hrvatsko Zagorje

Hrvatsko Zagorje -Hrvatsko Zagorje is the north-west region of Croatia. Its northern border lies at River Sutla at the border with Slovenia, which is the western border while River Lonja the eastern. The southern border of the Zagorje touches the slopes of Medvednica and city of Zagreb. Hrvatsko Zagorje includes areas around Krapina and Varaždin as well as outskirts of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia…read more about Hrvatsko Zagorje


Lika -Lika is a mountainous region in central Croatia, roughly bound by the Velebit mountain from the southwest and the Plješevica mountain from the northeast. Today most of the territory of Lika is part of Lika-Senj county and some parts part of Karlovac county and Zadar county…read more about Lika


Slavonia – Slavonia is Croatian region located on the very north-east of Croatia. It covers the area between River Sava and Drava and borders with river Danube (Dunav) on the East. Slavonia is a flat and fertile area so it’s an important source of food for the whole of Croatia. Slavonia is also known for its Djakovo Lipicaner Horse Breed, that is bred in Djakovo for centuries…read more about Slavonia

Map of Croatian Regions:

Map of Croatian Regions