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More great stuff from SMS Dalmatia
SMS Dalmatia Spalato Mediterranean Specialties initiated the redevelopment of fruit and vegetable cultivation and fishing in Dalmatia by joining forces with local farmers into a cooperative effort to re-establish the Adriatic Coast of Dalmatia as a traditional Mediterranean agricultural region.

Farmers from this region carry their small crops to Spalato where the olives, figs, capers, almonds and other items are hand-stuffed and the olive oil is hand-pressed in small batches. The cold “Bura” wind from the Alps blends with the Mediterranean climate – dry weather, bare rocks, red soil – to create this superior product.  Try its special flavor – concentrated and naturally aromatic.

Dried Fig Spread – this is delicious accompanied by a triple-creme cheese of your choice, on meats, or in pastries.

Pearl Onions in Red Wine Vinegar – prepared in a special red wine vinegar which is particular to Dalmatia, this superb product can be eaten alone, in salads, or with meats. For an unbelievable combination try these onions with Salted Sardines or Anchovy Fillets.

Capers – a wonderful salty addition to your pasta sauce, SMS capers are also tasty with fresh fish, in salads, or perfect whem making Chicken Piccata.

Black Olive Tapenade – fantastic on crackers or fresh bread as a perfect party hors d’oeuvre, this pure olive spread comes exclusively from one island in the Adriatic – Solta.

Marinated Garlic – this delicious item can be eaten in a mix of SMS stuffed olives, SMS olive oil and fresh or sun-dried tomatoes; it is also perfect by itself drizzled with SMS olive oil and accompanied by fresh bread. This product gives you all of the positive effects of garlic, with none of the negative.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – this is the Best salad oil you will ever try! It can be compared to no other flavor you will ever experience…its unique aroma and quality are characteristic only to Dalmatia.