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Rights To Gay Couples In Croatia

News on CroatiaAn interesting article about gay couple rights in Croatia, gives short overview about way this issue is addressed in other , relevant European and ex-socialist countries, as well as what are Croatian politicians views on the issue:

Italy passed a law according to which registration of homosexual unions will be allowed at the registrar’s office. Even the Catholic Italy allowed gay couples the right of inheritance, medical insurance and alimentation after divorce.

Czech Republic was the first communist country to pass a law, letting homosexuals raise children from prior relationships, but not of their adoption.

Laws on gay couples have Hungary, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain, France and many other west European countries, while the champion in the complete equalisation of rights for same-sex and marriage unions is the Netherlands.

Croatia found itself in the company of countries in which there is no possibility of same-sex unions registering, like Albania, Rumania, BH, Macedonia and Serbia.

Namely, last year in parliament, after a discussion on the heterosexuality of the Universe from a fly to an elephant, Law on registered partnership was not accepted, which anticipated the equalisation of homosexual couples` rights with marriage rights.

Difference of opinion on homosexuality among parties:

-Relations between two people are regulated with other legal provisions and there is no need to accept new ones- said Andrija Hebrang of the Croatian Democratic Union.

-This is not in accordance with respecting human rights of all people- believes Lucin.

– The Croatian Peasant`s Party representative Josip Friscic also claims legal matters in homosexual cases should be regulated.

-We cannot close our eyes before the fact there are homosexual relationships – Friscic said.  ( Source : www.javno.com )

2 Responses to “Rights To Gay Couples In Croatia”

  • Simone Rossi on June 29th, 2009 8:09 pm

    Hi. I would like to inform you that in Italy no such a law has passed so far. Catholi Italy is still home for bigotry and hipocrisy.

  • Ted on October 19th, 2009 9:05 am

    I have a duel citizanship, that of Croatia and that of South Africa, I have married my life partner in South Africa whomes constitution protects and recognizes our civil partnership. My partner is South African, if we go to Croatia together will our union be recognized?

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