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Roads, Buses and Car Routes around Croatia

Road distances in Croatia – kilometers:

Towns Dubrovnik Karlovac Osijek Pula Rijeka Sibenik Slav. Brod Split Zadar Zagreb
Dubrovnik 526 521 711 601 305 472 216 377 582
Karlovac 526 336 236 126 282 246 309 232 56
Osijek 521 336 572 462 494 91 660 559 282
Pula 711 236 572 110 406 482 503 334 292
Rijeka 609 126 462 110 296 372 405 280 175
Sibenik 305 282 494 406 296 403 97 72 338
Slav. Brod 472 246 91 482 372 403 448 468 190
Split 216 309 505 503 393 97 448 169 378
Zadar 377 232 559 334 224 72 468 169 253
Zagreb 572 56 280 292 182 338 190 365 288

Expansion of the motorway network

Intensive work on expanding the existing network of modern motorways continues. The Kikovica-Oštrovica section (7.4 km) of the Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway near Rijeka has been opened in its full profile. This is one of the most difficult road sections in Croatia, with 20 percent of its length in motorway structures – five viaducts and two underpasses. The Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway was put to service in its full profile in late October of 2008. The voyage now takes around one hour and 15 minutes, and toll for a passenger vehicle from Rijeka to Zagreb costs 60 HRK (8.36 €).

The Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway is part of the European E65 route and part of the Vb pan-European transport corridor, essential to development of tourism and economy, and the most cost-effective Croatian motorway considering the traffic volume.

On 22 October 2008, the motorway section between Gori?an and the border with Hungary and the new Mura Bridge (216 meters in length, consisting of two 15-meters-wide bridges) between Croatia and Hungary were put to service. In the extension of Mura Bridge on the Hungarian side is a kilometer of new road connecting together with the newly built 1.4 kilometers on the Croatian side the Budapest-Letenye and Zagreb-Gori?an motorways.

By completion of construction of full profile on sections of the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway, the last section of the A4 Zagreb-Gori?an Motorway and the M7 Budapest-Letenye Motorway, construction of the Rijeka-Zagreb-Budapest Motorway on the Vb pan-European corridor of 496.2 kilometers in length was completed. 232.5 kilometers of the motorway is in Hungary and 263.7 kilometers in Croatia. The duration of the voyage was reduced to 5 hours.

The respective second tubes of the Mala Kapela and Sv. Rok tunnels will be put to service in June of 2009. The Split-Plo?e section of the Dalmatina (A1) will be put to service by the end of 2009. This is where the Dalmatina will meet the motorway from Bosnia and Herzegovina (5C corridor) and the fast road to Plo?e under construction.

Work is also done on the Split Bypass worth 200 million euros. Its construction will provide a solution for the Trogir-Split-Omiš stretch, the busiest road section in Croatia, with average daily transit of 40,000 vehicles.

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