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Sailing in the Dalmatian Islands off the Croatian coast

Sailing in Croatia: 1001 Dalmatians

In today’s article in Telegraph, titled ‘Sailing in Croatia: 1001 Dalmatians’ , Clare Mann goes sailing in the Dalmatian Islands off the Croatian coast and finds something for each family member.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

This was my first visit to Croatia and I was excited. There are a thousand or so islands along the Dalmatian coast, and as our plane made its descent to Split they were tantalisingly spread out beneath us in a wide ribbon. There can be no better way, I convinced myself from several thousand feet, than to explore them by boat – better still, as your own master and commander…

Read the whole article here and check more info about Sailing in Croatia

One Response to “Sailing in the Dalmatian Islands off the Croatian coast”

  • david hartland on May 21st, 2009 6:57 am

    An endorsement of the spirit of Croatia that shines through in the article. May 2009 just returned from a Nautilus Holiday. Nice Bavaria 41. The swinging/sliding bridges of Losinj that open twice a day with the accompanying spectators hoping for blood, are terrifying. Do it if you dare! Eye watering charges for Marina but if there are facilities, they are spotless. Go early season when all the bad restaurants are closed. Keep 2 emergency meals/alcohol on board . Eat the ghoulash (?!) and gnocchi and anchor off Pomer marina to visit that restaurant. OK there is a camp site but on our night there were no other customers and we had royal treatment at lovely prices . The grappa is guaranteed.Lovely people.

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