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Sailing in Istria


Istra and its coast, for many sailing enthusiasts, is the first part of the Adriatic that they become acquainted with. If one comes from Slovenia, Trst, marina Monfalcone or Lignana, Venice and Ravene, usually one of the ports or marinas in the western Istrian coast is the first one they will come across.

The Istrian coast is low and tame, with luscious vegetation and distinctive settlements. Rovinj, Porec, Vrsar and Pula are its pearls. The coastline is indented, with many coves but also many shallows which must be looked out for, especially on its western side. Here too are many large and well equipped marinas.

The eastern coastline is its complete opposite. Except in the southern most areas, where the land cuts in to form the Medulin bay and Premanturska cove and in spite of many coves and bays all the way to Mošcenicka draga, Lovran and Opatija, the coastline is much steeper and much less inhabited.

A coast like this is a challenge of sorts to sailing enthusiasts, as there is a multitude of places to sail to and places to stay here. The Raški bay, Krnik port and Rabac may, for example, be a discovery. When we arrive in Opatija we are well into Kvarner.

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