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Sandy Beaches of Kvarner

The biggest value of the Kvarner are the beaches, preserved environment and clean waters. The most beautiful beaches are marked by Blue Flags, symbols of a preserved, safe and pleasant environment designed for fun, relaxation and recreation, high-quality service, clean sea, beaches and marinas.


Rajska (Paradise) Beach and Beach Livacina in Lopar on the Island of Rab

In Lopar on Rab, an island of wondrous landscape diversity and the centuries-old tradition of tourism, there are two beautiful sandy beaches: Paradise Beach and Livacina Beach.
Located in Lopar, 14 kilometres from the town of Rab is the 1.5 km long Paradise Beach. Because of its quality and crystal clear waters, it was awarded the Blue Flag. Extremely shallow water and expert lifeguards, who are there from 9am-6pm, make it a perfect destination for swimmers and families with children. This beautiful sandy beach has showers, bars, restaurants, various playgrounds, cycling paths and a large offer of water sports.

Livacina Beach is one of the nicest and most attractive beaches on the island, located near the famous Paradise Beach. The beach is sandy with gentle access to the sea and ideal for children, but also for all the fans of picigin (shallow water volleyball).

Under the shade of pine trees, just above the beach, there are several restaurants with excellent food and drink. You can rent equipment for leisure and entertainment on the beach, as well as deck chairs and parasols.


Crni Molo Beach in Crikvenica

Crikvenica, a former fishing village just 35 kilometres from the largest Croatian port of Rijeka, also boasts a long tradition of tourism. Long sandy and pebble beaches with many facilities are linked with a natural walking path through the rich Mediterranean vegetation and provide the opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves, from swimmers to walkers and cyclists.

One of the most famous beaches of the Crikvenica Riviera is Crni Molo. This beach is located about 200 meters from the centre of Crikvenica. Crni Molo provides a variety of sports opportunities, from practising aerobics, beach volleyball, mini-golf, water slides, water skiing and more. Those who want to relax in the shade can rent parasols and deck chairs, and after swimming in the sea, they can freshen up in one of the showers. Restaurants, bars and hotels that surround it make it a favourite destination among young people, as well as families with children.

The Town Beach Crikvenica in Crikvenica

The most famous beach in Crikvenica is the main town beach which is located 200 meters from the centre of Crikvenica. This beach has many qualities, and the sea is crystal clear, which is why it was awarded the Blue Flag. The beach is tailored for people of all ages, people with disabilities, as well as being an inevitable gathering place for young people. The beach is pebbly with sandy areas which attract families with young children. Above the beach, you will find a pleasant shade of lush Mediterranean vegetation, which is a perfect hiding place during the hottest hours of the day. On the beach, you can rent a variety of equipment for water sports as well as comfortable deck chairs and parasols. During the summer season, the entrance to the beach and beach equipment will be charged according to the price list posted at the entrance to the beach.

Rokan Beach in Selce

Located in the nearby tourist resort Selce, is the beach Rokan. Specifically, Selce and Crikvenica are connected with a promenade which is adorned with rich tourist facilities,
numerous hotels, restaurants and bars, and beautiful beaches lined up one after the other. Rokan Beach is rocky with a shallow sandy part that is perfect for small children. There are deck chairs, parasols and showers available. There are stairs at the entrance to the sea. Above the beach, there are restaurants with excellent food and drink. Near the beach, there is a miniature golf course and table tennis, and an entertainment centre for children with a large water slide and other facilities. The beach has been awarded a Blue Flag.

Vela Beach in Baška on the Island of Krk

The island of Krk is one of the islands in the Kvarner Bay which possesses numerous picturesque places, many natural bays and beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches. The famous tourist resort Baška, known for one of the most beautiful beaches in Kvarner, is located on the southern part of the island.
In a sheltered cove hidden by the Velebit massive stretches the long pebbly beach Vela, which was awarded the Blue Flag. On it, everyone will find their place for a good rest or a party. Some parts of the beach are sandy where children will be working tirelessly at building sand castles. Young people will be drawn in by the rhythm of music from the attractive beach bars. There are many activities and marine props (bikes, scooters, slides) on offer.

Sveti Marko Beach in Risika on the Island of Krk

In the small settlement Risika, near the wine-growing Vrbnik, there is a beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Sv. Marko. It is ideal for families with children, who will be able to freely play in the sand. There are no large crowds on the beach which is ideal for stealing moments of relaxation on the beach and in the clean sea. Along the coast, there are more hidden, small pebbly coves.

‘China Beach’, Punat on the Island of Krk

Punat is located on the southwest side of the island of Krk, in a beautiful bay, surrounded by manicured olive groves. At the entrance to Puntarska Cove is the beach called ‘Punta Debij’ which young people have named ‘China Beach’. During the day the beach is full of families with children, while in the evening, young people gather because of the live music. There is an excellent offer of sports facilities: from parasailing, jet skis, water skis, wakeboards, tubes, bananas and trampolines to windsurfing and beach volleyball. The nearby catering facilities offer relaxation and refreshment. The beach is equipped with chemical toilets, showers, and changing rooms, and you can rent deckchairs and parasols.


Cikat Bay Beach in Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj is the biggest settlement on the island, located on the south side of the Lošinj Bay and has, thanks to this position, become an important maritime and trade centre, as well as a tourist centre in more recent times. It is known in all European tourism circles, as evidenced by many loyal guests who visit the island every year.

Cikat Bay, which is partly responsible for the blossoming of Lošinj tourism, is situated on Mali Lošinj, in the beautiful surroundings of lush vegetation. Along the coast lies a beautiful long sandy beach. Next to it is an area with rocky beaches and a gravel beach below the campsite. In the Cikat Bay, there are several new hotels and a famous camping site which offers a variety of entertainment options. Above the beach, there are numerous bars and restaurants hidden among the dense pine branches. Beaches in Cikat are an ideal choice for anyone who loves sports, and for all those who love comfort in perfect natural harmony.

Sandy Coves of Spjaža and Bok on the Island of Susak

West and south of Lošinj is a group of inhabited islands (Lošinj Archipelago). The archipelago of islands – Susak, Srakane Unije and Ilovik, protect Lošinj from the open sea and impose an outer, historic navigation route. Standing out with its uniqueness is the island of Susak, which is made of sand, and is the only such island on the Adriatic. Natural sandy lagoons, reed bed, open waters, isolation, peace and quiet… all this can be found in a sea of sand on Susak. The island has no roads, cars or noisy nightclubs – just dusty paths that connect the Lower and Upper Village, the cemetery and the surrounding bay. The coast of the island is rocky, with some gravel and two large sandy bays: Spjaža and Bok. One might say that these bays are like twin sisters: located next to each other and both graced with a shallow, sand covered seabed.

Spjaža is the largest bay on the island. On its west coast lies the Lower Village. Shallow water, soft sand and the vicinity of the village make this bay ideal for small children. Given that the entire Lower Village lies on its banks, it is also the most accessible beach. Apart from this, it is the only one on Susak that offers some additional benefits such as sunshades, deckchairs, kayaks and beach volleyball. In its vicinity, there are several cafes and restaurants.

Unlike Spjaža, in the Bok Bay, there are no houses, coffee shops or any other facilities. Bok was always considered a nudist beach. The large sandy beach in the Bok Bay became known as the health resort Seebad Sansego at the beginning of the 20th century. In those days the Lošinj spas and sanatoriums offered sun, air and sand baths, as well as grape therapy, as part of their healing program on Susak. The sun-warmed sandy shallows and fine hot sand are believed to be medicinal for women who have problems with fertility.

The bora wind, which starts at the foot of Velebit, generally slightly calms down by the time it reaches Susak, but big waves on the shallow sandy Bok Beach can pose a fun challenge for swimmers. If you happen to have some sort of board at hand, you can try riding the waves.

Paržine Beach on the Island of Ilovik

Ilovik Island continues to form the southern part of the island of Lošinj, from which it is divided by Ilovacka Vrata (gate). On Ilovik, there is only one village which bears the same name. The coastline has many secluded coves and is easily accessible. The largest bay with a sandy beach is Paržine, located on the southeast side of the island. Ilovik now has about 100 inhabitants, who mostly work in fishing, sheep-breeding, agriculture and tourism. It is interesting that today, three times more Iloviknians live in the U.S. than on the island.

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