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Satellite tracking of Calypso – the sea turtle from Adriatic Sea

seaturtle-calypso1 Back in September this year , at the beach at Island of Losinj , activists of the Blue World Institute released sea turtle called Calypso ( see left photo ). As part of the program of research and conservation of marine turtles in the Adriatic sea, Calypso has attached satellite transmitter for live tracking..

Calypso is young sea turtle which got his name after fishing boat that caught him by mistake back in June of this year. He belongs to species of Loggerhead turtle – Caretta caretta – that can grow up to one meter and weigh up to 120 kilos.This sea turtle species mature when they are about 30 and can live up to their 80th birthday.

When captured, Calypso was healthy and in good condition. He spend few months in Sea Turtle Rescue Center of Pula Aquarium. Few days before its release, Calypso was transported back to Island of Losinj to be equipped with a satellite transmitter and released.


Calypso’s satellite tracking program is part of Adria Watch Project, coordinated by the University of Pisa, within which project they track five sea turtles – three from Italy, one from Slovenia and one (Calypso) from Croatia. Satellite tracking is one of the methods of ecological research that will enable to follow the sea turtle and learn about it’s life and habits. Satellite transmitter, glued at Calypso’s shell, send data to satellite receiver every time Calypso surfaces. Data collected by satellite transmitter are updated in the real time at the map which you can see if you click on the left image.

Adriatic sea in an important area in Mediterranean, where these species of sea turtles migrate to feed and spend the winter months as part of their survival strategy.

More Sea turtle Info : www.seaturtle.org, AdriaWatch project, Map of Calypso’s voyages

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