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Setting a course around Croatia’s lesser-known islands


In todays Independent, another article about travel to islands of Croatia has been published. The article is titled ‘Isles of light: Croatia’s Dalmatian coast’ and subtitled ‘Setting a course around Croatia’s lesser-known islands, John Walsh makes a voyage of discovery – encountering beautiful surroundings, sheer luxury and overassertive locals’

The article continues with following paragraph :  I am swimming in the eastern Adriatic, and heading straight for a sheer rock. The sun is scorchingly hot on my back but the waters around are choppy and argumentative, as if warning me against what I’m about to do. I wouldn’t be doing it at all if I hadn’t been talked into it by Matthew, the Croatian teenager with the Boris Becker eyelashes, whose boat has taken us around the perimeter of the island and whose passengers are now splashing in the sea. …

Read the whole article here

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