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Silba Island will get underwater museum

Map of Pocukmarak Bay at Silba Island where new underwater museum is to be opened:

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Last year the remains of a sarcophagus were found in Pocukmarak bay on Silba Island, as well as the remains of another one. Recently, a second phase of underwater research started where archaeologists will explore the wider area and carry out the preparations for opening an underwater museum.

The stone coffer, which is over two metres long, is located at a depth between two and a half and three metres. It has algae growing on it and it is covered by roughly cut stone. On the basis of the lid decor, it is thought to come from the late antique period – from either the 4th or 5th century.

The sarcophagus and other remains were not carved in Silba and it is believed that they were delivered from one of the sculpture workshops on the Adriatic. Sarcophagi are rarely found under the sea so this discovery in Pocukmarak bay surprised experts who are only just beginning to discover Silba’s past, especially that of the antique period.

Archaeologists will clean the silt from the sarcophagus and the other remains, document their current state and record their location on the land and in the sea in the bay in Silba.

The opening of the underwater museum on the site where the sarcophagus was found, which lies in crystal clear sea in a wonderful bay, should prove to be a very interesting destination for inquisitive visitors. Since it is located at a depth of two metres, it is accessible for almost anyone who knows how to swim, and not just professional divers, which is most often the case in terms of underwater archaeological sites that are often found at much greater depths.

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