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Sinj is a Croatian town located about 40 km north of Split in Dalmatia. Sinj and its surrounding area – Cetinska Krajina – represent an interesting visitors area due to its lovely landscapes and cultural heritage for which the town is well known at home and abroad. Sinj lies in the Sinjsko polje valley with the river Cetina, surrounded by green hills and slopes of the Svilaja and Dinara mountains.

Gospa SinjskaThe town’s rich cultural heritage includes Sinjka Alka and a celebration of Our Lady of Sinj locally called Sinjska Gospa.

Sinjska Gospa is allegedly miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, hanged in the local church, Virgin that helped local population to defend against the Ottoman Turks back in 1715. On 15th of August pilgrims from all over Croatia come to Sinj when image of Gospa Sinjska is paraded along narrow streets from the local church

Alka in Sinj (Sinjska Alka) –  a medieval tournament in which competitors in knightly postures on galloping horses attempt to thread their lances through the ring dangled from a rope. The ring, called ‘Alka’ (hence the name) consists of two concentric iron rings linked by three bars dividing the space between the rings into three equal parts.. read more + see image of Alkar and Alkar with gun

Getting to Sinj

Sinj is well connected with public transport from Split as well as from Zagreb. There are frequent, hourly bus connection from Split to Sinj. The journey takes just under an hour each way (buses in Croatia)

More info: Check other articles about Sinj +  Sinj Travel Directory – list of Sinj travel links and at Sinj Tourist Board tel: +385 021 826 352

  • Gospa Sinjska home page: www.gospa-sinjska.hr
  • Cetina River– passes through Sinjsko Polje valley.
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