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Skiing in Croatia

skiing1It is known today that a tourist offer based only on natural beauties and good climate does not satisfy a modern tourist any more. In order for all natural resources to be utilized, tourists must be offered an experience that is gained through diverse programs, events and activities.

In Croatian Olympic Centre Bjelolasica (HOC), we have understood the crux of modern tourism, and supplemented the tourist offer of Bjelolasica with numerous fun and educational programs, incorporating them in the Gorski Kotar ambience of beauty and wilderness. Attractive nature is ‘packed’ in a well-designed tourist product that Bjelolasica, given its natural resources, well deserves.

Therefore, nature lovers of all ages and interests can in HOC Bjelolasica find something for themselves. Such a diversity of offer not only gives an incentive to the development of mountain tourism but in a certain way approaches Croatia to global tourist standards.
The reason why HOC Bjelolasica is the highlight in the still unpromising tourist offer of Croatia can be summarized in the sentence: It’s the programs that fill tourist capacities!

We received several enquiries from visitors about skiing in Croatia – no doubt, they were prompted by the fantastic achievements of Croatian skiing stars Janica and Ivica Kostelic. (Janica won 3 gold and 1 silver medals at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games at Salt Lake City.)

Unfortunately, we had to disappoint as Croatian skiing facilities cannot compare with those in nearby Slovenia, Austria and Italy. (Even Croatian skiers train in Austria!)

We wouldn’t recommend coming to Croatia for a skiing holiday. However, if you’re in the country during the ski season, and fancy having a go on the slopes, head to Bjelolasica, where the Croatian Olympic centre is located. Another popular skiing location is just north of Zagreb at Sljeme mountain.

snowdropSljeme: The ski slopes are primarily situated on the northern slopes of Medvednica Mountain. The runs begin at its peak – Sljeme – and take advantage of the diverse configuration of the terrain, shaping runs of varying degrees of difficulty: the “White Run”, “Red Run”, “Green Run”, “Blue Run” and “Free Run”. The orientation of all runs shifts between northeast and northwest. The “White and Cinovnicka Meadows” descend towards the east. For more information: www.sljeme.hr

Bjelolasica: Velika Kapela – 1,534 (Bjelolasica)

1. Vrelo 1540 m

2. Gomirkovica 1300 m

3. Bjelolasica 1700 m

4. Livade 2 x 300 m

5. Hajducica 1 165 m

6. Hajducica 2 165 m

7. Vilinske Drage

Bjelolasica is the highest mountain in the Velika Kapela massif, and indeed in the whole of Gorski Kotar. It extends in the form of a simple ridge, 5-6 km in length, with very steep slopes sweeping down from the wide forested plateau between Mrkopaljsko polje (Mrkopalj Range) and Jasenacko polje (Jasenak Range). However, despite the steep slopes, and despite the height and limestone composition, the ridge is neither sharp nor rocky, but its crown is a small, grassy plateau containing rich and varied flora, almost nature’s own botanical garden. The steep slopes are covered in forests interspaced with meadows, each more beautiful than the last. There are no human settlements in the wider area, but there are forest roads which enable one to get beneath the very ridge itself, as well as to enjoy pleasant hikes through the vast forests. The Croatian Olympic Center, situated at 620m above sea level, has much to offer. 7 groomed ski runs. For more information: www.bjelolasica.hr

Platak: The ski resort Platak is situated only 30 km from Rijeka, with well-prepared ski runs, six cable cars, two mountain lodges and other facilities for visitors. For more information go to www.platak.hr

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