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SN Brussels Airlines introduces Dubrovnik as it’s new summer destination

take_offSN Brussels Airlines is adding Dubrovnik to its destinations.

From the begining of May, twice a week flights from Brussels to Dubrovnik will start to operate.

Flights will operate twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays directly connecting Brussels with Dubrovnik. Brussels – Dubrovnik flights will end at 29.09.06.

To book a ticket, visit SN Brussels Airlines website www.flySN.com or call +322 723 23 23

Read excerpt from introduction to Dubrovnik at Sn Brussels Airlines website:

Dubrovnik has everything to charm even the most demanding tourist. The thirteenth century city walls embrace the medieval city which has been listed by UNESCO with its innumerable alleyways, monumental palaces, churches, monasteries and fountains. The streets of Dubrovnik are filled with life rather than with cars. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival of theatre, classical music and folk music is one of the best-known cultural events in Europe and electrifies the city anew every year. The many museums and galleries are the venues for a wide range of historical and art exhibitions.The nature surrounding Dubrovnik is fascinating. During the summer, the city has as many hours of sun as the Egyptian city of Alexandria, resulting in rich sub-tropical vegetation including olive trees, citrus trees and cypresses. The fantastic beaches, charming nearby islands, the colours, smells, warmth of the climate and of the people make Dubrovnik a popular summer destination welcoming visitors from spring until late autumn.

The most southern city of Croatia has put the dark years of the nineties behind it and is once again the glorious jewel it was in the past.

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