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Solana Nin – the new Salt Museum

A new salt museum was recently opened as addition to Nin salt evaporation pond .

The museum offers a complete insight into the extraction of salt, which follows the same tradition as in Roman times.

The sea water naturally falls through the pools of the ponds where it evaporates with the help of sun and wind and eventually crystallizes into pure natural sea salt.

Nin’s Salt Evaporation Pond dates back from Roman times and covers  about 55 acres of Nin bay where locals are still producing a wide range salt products such as industrial and therapeutic salt.

Due to traditional production, unpolluted sea water and specific environment conditions including the number of sunny hours per year, salt from Nin is of a very high quality.

Have a look at the short video about Solana Nin:

[youtube FNf4W9r_NiM]

More info @ Nin Tourist Board: www.nin.hr

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