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Speedway Racetrack in small Croatian village


Donji Kraljevec is a small community in the Croatian Medjimurje County, some 20 km east of Cakovec. With population of under 2000 one wouldn’t expect that village to be centre of Speedway Motor Sport.

However, due to enthusiasm of it’s local community , this village is getting more and more acknowledged in speedway world.

In 2004 they set-up their speedway club ” Unia” and in August 2005 they opened newly built speedway stadion called “Millenium” where some international speedway championships have already been held.

 speedway-croatia2The Millenium Speedway stadion has two speedway racetrack lanes, outside one, 320 metres long for mature riders and motorcycles up to 500cc and inside one, 150 meters long for younger riders and motorcycle up to 80cc.

The stadion has 4500 seats and can take up to 5000 spectators.

In 2006 speedway club “Unia” and Milenium Stadion will hold European Speedway Championship for riders between 12 and 16 yrs of age. In 2007 European Speedway Championship for older riders (16-19 yrs old) will be held here too, and more championships are planned to happened in years to come…

Link : http://www.donjikraljevec.hr/speedway.html

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