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Split featured in Time Out

In last week’s edition of the Time Out’s ‘City confidential’ section, Split is featured as the ‘Croatia’s second city and main port, with its centrepiece-a gutted Roman palace-provides the finest night of bar-hopping you’ll find on the whole Dalmatian coast.’ Here is an excerpt:

After dark, the Diocletian’s dark, unmapped passages offer wonderfully random bars 0 DJ bars, gallery bars, cocktail bars, bars with pseudo-Egyptian themes, bars in deserted open squares. There’s no excuse for restraining your request for drink. For relaxing start, pick any terrace cafe along the palm-fringed seafront, Riva. Following the day’s passage to sunset, bars at the eastern, harbour end nearest the market empty as those towards the west slowly fill… And if you are not ready to go to bed yet, nearby Puls and Academia Ghetto Club buzz till the 1am Old Town’s curfew. After this, a ten minute walk from the Riva past the bus station will bring truly dedicated drinkers to the all-night action at Bacvice beach. See large photo of the article + Read more about Split + see some photos of Split

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