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Sunday Times on Dubrovnik and Zagreb

sundaytimes12In the last Saturday’s edition of Sunday Times Travel supplement, in the article titled “Flying visits “, writer Richard Green selects the best breaks in southeast Europe. Among other cities ( Ljubljana, Sofia, Athens and Belgrade) to make the most of the ” no-frills revolution”, Dubrovnik  and Zagreb are recommended too.

Dubrovnik got “a weekend must” tag with plus points as ” Mighty ramparts encircle the Old Town, fishing boats bob on the cobalt Adriatic and, within the city walls, it’s a historic, relaxed, car-free delight. The Placa is the broad artery bisecting the alleys and squares, punctuated by cafes, bars and shops. Factor in some fine beaches nearby, and ferries out to pine-forested islands, and it’s a weekend must. ” However, minus points were noticed as ” Its sheer beauty lets Dubrovnik get away with the tourist tat along the Placa, but the pesky hotel touts are another matter. ”

Recommended Dubrovnik accommodaiton is Hotel Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik as well as Old Town Stari Grad

Zagreb is described as similar to Cracow or Vilinus with munus points as ” a subtle place and pace, rather than jaw-dropping sights. There’s a shortage of good budget hotels. ” As plus points, it’s mentioned in comparison with Prague : A likeable, walkable capital with plenty to see, great nightlife and none of the stag-group, tourist-crammed horrors of Prague. The old town is hilly and quaint; the new town is flat, with broad avenues and some fine museums. If you liked Cracow or Vilnius, then you’ll love Zagreb. There is skiing on Mount Medvednica, reached by a creaking cable car from the edge of the city. ”

Recommended Zagreb accommodation are Hotel Esplanade and Arcotel.

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