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Susak / Sušak


Island of Susak is located south of the Istria in the Kvarner Bay, about 7km west of Island of Losinj (check map here). It covers area of about 4 km2 and has about 200 people permanently living on the island. The island also called Sansego (in Italian).

Thisi  is a unique island among all other Croatian Islands as the limestone bedrock of the island is covered by thick layers of fine and fertile sand, which eroded from the Italian River Po. The highest peak of the island is under 100 meters high, making Susak one of the lowest Croatian islands.

The island is one one of the furthermost islands from Croatian Mainland. Therefore, it has retained many original traditions , such as archaicdialectand folk-costumes that are unique only to this little island. Due to it’s unique geological structure, Susak is one of Croatian Islands that has nice sandy beaches but luck stones 🙂

At the eastern side of Susak, in the bay Dragoca, lies the only village on the island also called Susak. The village is formed of two parts – the older one at the top of the small hill, called ” Gornje Selo” ( Upper village) and seashore part called Donje Selo ( Lower village) . Gornje Selo was founded around the former Benedictine monastery of Sveti Nikola from the 11th century and it’s Sveti Nikola church.

Susak has long tradition in growing vine, even from Roman times, so it is considered that Susak wines are one of the best in Croatia.

Susak was called Sansagus at the time in 1071 when Croatian King Kresimir gave this little island to Benedictines. Before WW2, Susak used to have almost 1700 inhabitants, but most of them immigrated in USA in years after that and it is considered that nowadays about 2500 people from Susak lives in USA.

Susak has it’s post office, tourist office as well as it’s medical centre and couple of shops, restaurants and cafes. Famous song from Susak is Sansigo Gradi?u, Ti Si Na Vrši?u

Susak is connected with Croatian mainland with regular ferry link from Island of Losinj, Cres and Rijeka – check ferry timetables that connects Susak Island.

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