Sunbathing and swimming along the coast of Adriatic Sea

Beach Pisak

Beach Pisak

Swimming and sunbathing along Croatian Adriatic coast is a very popular summertime activity indulged by locals and visitors alike. Croatia has numerous smaller and larger beaches all along the coast, so one can find a busy or isolated swimming spot at almost any place.

If you travel by car along Croatian coast, you will spot numerous places suitable for sunbathing and swimming. Lot of these places are not located within any specific town or place, but just along the coast, in small and larger bays and coves. If you feel like stopping to make a break from driving to catch a bit of sunshine on one of those spots, make sure you park your car on suitable place, as car parking around these places can be busy in the summer.

Another important thing about sunbathing in Croatia, as well as anywhere else along Mediterranean, is to make sure you have your sun block all the time especially in summer season, as sunshine here is very strong. Also, recommended is wearing a hat or similar as well as good sun glasses to protect your head and eyes from strong sun heath and water reflections.

Swimming and sunbathing is also popular along the banks of Croatian Rivers but due to river water’s cooler temperatures, people tent to head to the coast to indulge in this activity.

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