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Tamburitza museum in Slavonski Brod

slavonski-brodSlavonski Brod offers to visitors numerous opportunities for entertainment, strolling and getting acquainted with the traditions which are deeply entrenched in the past and present of this Slavonian town.

After the opening of the Ružic Gallery, revival of scenes from the history of the Tvrdava (fortress) and opening of a traditional blacksmith’s workshop, Slavonski Brod got yet for another interesting facility – Tamburitza Museum, located within the Tvrdava.

This is a unique project given that nowhere in Croatia to date has a similar museum been opened which is dedicated only to this recognisable musical symbol of Slavonia.

The museum presents the hundred year old history of the Tamburitza in Slavonski Brod and the whole Slavonski Brod- Posavina County and displays a series of very valuable exhibits like a tamburitza from 1920 and handwritten notes for a tamburitza orchestra which were written back in 1912.

There are also classical exhibits and old photographs as well as organised workshops for visitors to see the process of making this traditional musical instrument.

The museum is located in the Kapelan apartment of the Tvrdava, right next to the Tourist-information centre of Slavonski Brod ( Slavonski Brod Tourist Board http://www.tzgsb.hr/ )

More about tamburica at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamburitza

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