map-telascicaTelaš?ica, a large bay located on the south side of Dugi Otok – Island in Croatian’s Adriatic Sea. This is a natural extension of Kornati islands – it is a very long bay – about 10km, and it’s width stretches from very narrow one ( about 160 m ) to almost 2 km.

The park consist of numerous small bays dotted around it : Cuska, Dumboka, Oscenica, Gozdenja, Rakvic, Krasevica, Mangrovica, Strizna, Tripuljak, Mir, Jaz, Pasjak..

On the west, Telascica extends to small islands Donji and Gornji Skolj.

In the heart of Telascica are islands Farfarikulac as well as dramatic cliffs Gozdenja and Galijola. Korotan island is at the east side of Telascica, as well as islands Velika Aba and Katina. Small salt water lake Mir is part of Telascica, partly bordering by cliffs (click on photos to enlarge..)

Northern coast of Telascica is bare, due to long years exposure to wind which caused erosion in the area.

On south coast of Telascica, one can find a pine, olive and fig trees as well as low scrubs of Mediterranean vegetation.This part of the coast is detached from open sea by a narrow, forested ridge that ends as a steep shoreline.

The nearest village to Telascica is Sali, located on the east coast of Dugi Otok island.

Telascica is very popular among sailing crowd, as safe haven for their boats and yachts.

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