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Terra Incognita expedition race starts

t-terra-incognitaThe race host 30 two member teams from 12 countries that will try to overcome non stop 5 days and nights over 350 km through very rugged terrain of Middle Adriatic, in Croatia.

The race will start in very unusual way: competitors will rappel attractive rock some 80 meters high! Than will continue to the mountain region of Croatia, descending toward the Adriatic sea. Still, it is summer in Croatia, specially on the coast, where the most of the race will take a place. But, believing or not – before few days on the race course on 1800 meters, the peak of Velebit mountain – was snowing! And from that part of the mountain you can easily see Adriatic sea – it is just 5 km air distance from the seaside – where the water is momentarily 26 degrees Celsius! Amazing!

For the race we have few very respected names as team Ad Natura with Elvir Suli? and Darija Bostijan?i?, that has won Terra Incognita 3 times and Team Salomon Suisse with Alain Berger and Jan Béguin, the team that won Raid Series in the past.

During the race you will paddle, overcome canyons, overswimm from islands to island. After the race you will have a feeling that you have gone through 5 different countries. Be prepared for temperatures that can arise above 30 Celsius on the islands during the day and below 5 degrees on the mountains during the night!

Also, you will experience harsh rock, tamed meadows, thick pine forests and rocky desert on island Pag – the only true desert on the Adriatic!

Also, important notice is that the race will not have a time limit – the slowest teams will not be disqualified, but will simple use the shortcuts that will be imposed on two destinations during the race! Our philosophy is to give to the competitors the best conditions in order to see as much as possible of this magic land!

The only two teams member expedition style adventure race in the world! www.adventurerace.hr:

Welcome to the 7th edition of Terra Incognita expedition race – the only two teams member expedition style adventure race in the world!

This year for the first time Terra Incognita will change forrmat form 4 to 2 member teams, becoming the only two teams member expedition style adventure race in the world!

So, call your buddy, get to the car, buy road map of Europe and get to the start line of Terra Incognita 2006! This year National Geographic Adventure Magazine announced Croatia as You can see all details at our official updated page: www.adventurerace.hr or download 2006 race info in PDF format a: http://www.adventurerace.hr/download/Terra_Incognita_2006.pdf

Terra Incognita is the only two teams member expedition style adventure race in the world that last non-stop for the five days and nights over 400 km through Croatia’s wilderness – some of the most beautiful terrains on European Continent!

Navigating over entire course the teams must overcome demanding challenges of mountain biking, sea kayaking, hiking, canyoneering and fixed ropes descending. In order to succeed they need to rely on their team-mates, their survival skills, and their mental and physical preparedness.

Strategy of movement, resting, sleeping and planning of food supplies and proper equipment is crucial.

If only one member drops out, the entire team is disqualified. It takes a lot of courage to start the race and only the most relentless will finish.

Finishing this race is an extraordinary achievement. Winning Terra Incognita is beyond description!

There is still several spots available, so, you can still register for the race this week! Please, see all details about the race at: www.adventurerace.hr

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