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The Ðurovic Cave – new speleological attraction near Dubrovnik

Since last summer, visitors to Dubrovnik have had the opportunity to see  the Ðurovic Cave – a new tourist and speleological attraction in vicinity of the town.

The cave,  located beneath the strip and the airplanes station at Dubrovnik Airport , contains archeological remains dating back to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

This prehistoric site is abundant in various underground forms,including aesthetically valuable stalactites, stalagmites, covers, deposits and curtains.

The portable finds from the cave (ceramics, bones) are being conserved and will be kept in the Museums and Galleries of Konavle.

The first phase of renovation that included completion of the interior design has been completed, while the second phase that has yet to begin provides for construction of the area in front of the cave where the chronology of the cave’s creation and other geomorphological features of the Croatian Adriatic coast will be
presented in a multimedia room with audiovisual effects and computer animation.

Ðurovic Cave is around 150 meters long and descends to 25 meters beneath the very airport strip. This priceless natural pearl used to be visited and used by the locals as a source of water and shelter during the war until 1962 when the entrance to the cave was closed for construction of the airport. At the beginning of the Homeland War in 1991, the tunnel entrance served as shelter.

This year, the cave will only be open to organized groups subject to prior notice to the Museums and Galleries of Konavle, but it is soon expected to be open full time. ( Museums and Galleries of Konavle tel. 020/478-646)

For more info on Konavle visit their Tourist Board site : www.tzcavtat-konavle.hr

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