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The First Croatian Festival of Recreational Cyclists – Koprivnica

The city of Koprivnica, located in the northwest of Croatia, near the border with Hungary, will this mid June see the first Croatian Festival of Recreational Cyclists.

During the two day festival, organized by the Croatian Association of Recreational Sports and the Koprivnica-based Biciklin Oldtimer Club, several thousand visitors are expected, recreational cyclists from across Croatia and from neighbouring countries, and besides the ride, in which licensed competitors will not be participating, the organisers are preparing an excellent leisure program among which are an old bicycle fair and a round table on recreational cycling.

Koprivnica-Križevci County has a truly excellent 84 kilometre long cycling route called the “Drava Route”. The route stretches from the mouth of the Mura River as it enters the Drava River near the town of Legrad and the follows the Drava to the town of Pitomaca. Its entire length is marked so that finding your way around is easy making it ideal for family outings and recreation.

The route avoids long stretches of the same landscape and does not stick only to the main streets of the local towns but turns off to fields and forests and passes through out-of-the-way villages. Besides that, it winds its way through the world-renowned village of Hlebine, the cradle of Croatian nadve painting and, as it passes beside Lake Šoderica and along the Drava River, it offers cyclists a chance to take a swim or enjoy a picnic in nature.

Girdling the city of Koprivnica there is the 75 kilometre “Koprivnica route” with a further about 50 kilometres of marked trails in the city itself, which puts Koprivnica among the top European cities as far as kilometres of cycling routes per population is concerned.

With this level of infrastructure Koprivnica is an excellent recreation area in which those taking part in the festival will be able to get to know the picturesque Podravina region.

Every participant will get a cycling guide and will be able to choose their own route, and those recording good results, although not the focus of the festival, will be granted special awards and commendations.

With the organization of the first Festival of Recreational Cyclists Koprivnica has once again confirmed its title of Croatia’s top cycling town. The unveiling last year of a monument to the bicycle symbolically marked the United Nations Year of Sports.

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