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The first Mediterranean arboretum in Croatia

oliveThe Landscaping Institute of the Zagreb Faculty of Agronomics have conceived a complete project for the creation of the first Mediterranean arboretum in Croatia, which is to be located on the Primošten area islet of Smokvica, in the vicinity of Sibenik.

The Primošten Arboretum will feature the significant traditional flora of Dalmatia – about 20 old species of grape vine, olives, fields of lavender, conifers and other varied Mediterranean flora, as well as plants from other parts of the world that are adaptable to Croatian climate.

Especially attractive for visitors will be the range of summer fruits, citrus fruits in particular and various types of bamboo.

In the midst of this islet there are still the remains of old stone houses and bunja (simple, elementary structures) and an arboretum, unlike parks and botanical gardens, always includes the construction of accompanying buildings.

There will be no other structures on the island. That means that the islet will remain uninhabited and the only structures it will have is the arboretum.


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