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The stonemasonry school on Brac Island

The stonemasonry school in Pucišca on the Island of Brac recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is a unique educational institution is also representing an  attraction for tourists as well.

On the occasion of celebrating the anniversary, a book about the school was published. Though the school itself was founded in 1909, the education of stonemasons on Brac began in 1906 because of the great need for the development of stonemasonry.

In Pucišca and Selci, courses were organized in collaboration with a trade school in Split. After the course, students would pass their exams in stonemasonry.

Preserving the tradition of the  trade, many generations of superior craftsmen were educated at this school. In their work, one could always recognize the signature style of the school. The history of the Pucišca stonemasonry school is intertwined with the history and tradition of the Brac stone, embedded in many great buildings.

Learning how to cut the Brac stone, the students even use toothed tools that were used by the Romans. Each year, the school enrols one hundred students from all parts of the country. Around 10 thousand tourists visit it every year.

 The students of the Pucišca stonemasonry school have taken part in some of the world’s biggest tourism fairs, demonstrating the skills of their craft before numerous audiences.

Pucišca Stonemasonry School: http://www.klesarskaskola.hr/

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  • Gerbrig E.S. Muntendam-Voolstra on June 16th, 2024 2:18 am

    It was very interesting to experience the workmanship of
    the designs of the past and the time it will take to finish one product at the Stone Mason School/ Academy. There must be a lot patience by the artist… I bought some products at the stalls, but regret
    I did not buy more, like bracelets and necklaces.
    I s there a possibility for me to purchase some more ?
    I enjoyed the boat trip on the Adrian Princess in May 2024 who sailed us to the Island of Brac to visit Pucisca . Like to hear from you,. Gerbrig

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