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The Underwater Archaeological Treasures of the Croatian Coast – lecture

The Underwater Archaeological Treasures of the Croatian Coast – an illustrated lecture by Dr Irena Radi? Rossi from Hrvatski Restauratorski Zavod in Zagreb  will be held on Thursday 6 November 2008 at 6.30 pm Embassy of the Republic of Croatia , 21 Conway Street , London W1T 6BN. 
The waters of the coast and islands of Croatia hold finds of all periods and bear witness to the intensive historical maritime activity of the Adriatic.

Prehistoric material is present, although difficult to detect because rare; most of the shipwrecks as well as the remains of submerged settlements and harbours date from the Roman period.

From this era dates the unique find of a bronze statue of an athlete – found in the waters of Lošinj.

The medieval period is first represented by early Croatian boats of the 9th century found round Nin, while shipwrecks of ships from the 16th to 18th centuries are abundant with finds. 

These give much insight into everyday life and seafaring ways. More recent metal remains bear witness to the tragedy of world conflict.
Dr Radi? Rossi’s visit is being sponsored by the British-Croatian Society.  She will also be giving lectures at the Universities of Oxford (5 Nov) and Southampton (7 Nov), and will present a paper at the Nautical Archaeological Society’s conference in Portsmouth (8Nov).

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