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10 days between pula and rijeka

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    Hey all,

    bit of a long post, here goes:

    ive got a flight into pula and out of rijeka this summer (start july) with 10 days between them. The main factor is money, a lack of it. Current ideas include checking out brijuni, then heading out to the islands. There are a couple of questions about the trip that i thought you might be able to help me with:

    What’s the deal with busses along the coast? I see there is a service that runs there: http://www.pulapromet.hr/linije.html#, just wondered about costs and reliability. Also, are there services of some sort on the islands, is it feasible to walk along cres and krk in a few days?

    Im taking a tent and hoped to be able to just camp rough on whatever land/just sleep out. I realise this is supposedly not allowed on the adriatic coast, but im hoping to find out of the way places. Does anyone have any experience of trying this? do you have any thoughts on the matter? Also if this is poss on the islands?

    Is it possible to stay on brijuni if youre not in a hotel? is it all its hyped up to be?

    Im a windsurfer and general watersports person, does anyone know of any good hire locations in the area?

    Thinking of maybe making it down to Sjeverni Velebit (national park), looking at ferries, it seems very possible. Is it worth it? is it better than any other bit of the coastline around there? is it easy to get up to once you hit that section of the coast? it looked quite nice just not sure if its worth it?

    For flying out of rijeka, is rijeka airport the one at the north end of krk?

    I’ve looked on a few large ferry websites, they seem reasonable. I presume that there are local services that run as well? how do the ferries line up cost-wise? From what i’ve read they seem pretty much everywhere, is this so?

    Thank you very much in advance for replying, and even just sticking this far with this post . I look forward to hearing your views, i appreciate any and all comments.


    Hi Meeee, I personally have no experience with wild camping but I always see people wild camping around our coast.

    It is not legal but I believe you will be ok if you don’t upset locals. Very important is that you don’t do some kind of camp fire or anything to do with fire as people will get very upset because of danger.

    Yes Rijeka ariport is the one that is at north end of Krk. This is same airport.

    Ferries are very reliable and there are lot of them sailing up and down and between the islands.


    Walk if you like to walk buses are reliable you don’t have to walk instead  ;D
    Windsurfing is very popular in Istria you will be able to find places to hire a board.
    About Velebit I hear there is lot of snakes this year because of climate change so be carful and dont hike without good boots. 


    Brijuni are good to visit as you will be in Istria, very much up market and superficial with accent on glamour which is kitch but some people love it. You can try to overnight at Brijuni in your sleeping bag but if you put tent somebody will notice so better don’t.


    wow, thanks for all good advice everyone. its really useful to hear from people in the know.


    I have some experience with camping wild. Always follow important usual rules about that is to set up you tent or sleeping bag late and get up early and stay only for one night at the same place, never put up any fire, no any cooking , no any rubbish left, dont disturb nature or plants dont put any music or noise. Get up early morning and pretend just arrived and you will be okey

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