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Ancona to Hvar and Ancona to Pag

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    I am enquiring about a ferries, and have two options, depending on the price!

    Option 1:
    Ancona – Pag Island on the 16th July
    Pag Island – Hvar Island on the 17th July Hvar Island – Italy (perhaps to Pescara or Ancona) on the 20th July

    Option 2:
    Ancona – Hvar Island (perhaps Split?) on the 16th July Hvar Island (or split) – Ancona/Pescara)

    What do you recommend with our limited time? How long does it take to travel from place to place? We would like to travel as quickly as possible so we can spend more time relaxing!

    And how much will ferries be?

    Thank you, regards,



    Hi Julie, there are no ferries between Ancona and Pag.
    Only Ancona to Split/ Pescara  to Hvar.
    All info and booking is here @

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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