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Camping on Dugi Otok

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  • willyvandel

    Hello, can anyone help me with information about camping(s) on Dugi Otok ?
    Already for many years now, the Dugi Otok website http://www.dugiotok.hr is announcing a newly campsite in Veli Rat, but it looks like it’s still not official (see screenshot in attachment).
    Some years ago I was mailing to the official tourist office on Dugi Otok, and asked them  when the campsite would be ready, and they answered that there were still some problems with the official license for the campsite.
    But this question from my site to the tourist office was send already a couple of years ago.
    So, therefor I doubt it has something to do with the license for the campsite, but I think the campsite is already there but wants to be “low profile” (without an official license).
    And because this summer I would like to go to Dugi Otok with my camper (8 meter), I need to know if I can stay somewhere without having trouble with the local police.

    Maybe someone of the moderators of this forum can take contact with the tourist office and let me know if I can come this summer or not.
    Wild camping is also a possibility for me, I don’t need a campsite, but officially this is not allowed in Croatia.
    Can somebody please help me?
    If someone wants to mail be direct: willy.van.de.poel@pandora.be
    Thanks in advance.


    I’ll talk to them on Monday and tell you what is going on…


    I just talked to them and did not get any more details than you already have:

    they are not sure if campsite will be opened next summer and there are no other campsites on the island


    Okay, thanks for the info, but it brings me no step further.
    When I look at this Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dck1Vir2_0&feature=related, then I can see at least three campers on the island (see screenshot in attachment).
    But if there’s no campsite on the island, then this means they have stayed there “in the wild”.
    As I already mentioned before, I don’t need a campsite, but I don’t wanna be fined by the local police.
    Can anyone let me know if wild camping is tolerated on the island ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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