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Can Someone Please Help Us? Venice to Hvar or Somewhere Nice!

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    My wife and I will be in Venice on 6/7/08 and we are trying to get to Hvar.  The problem is, ferries from Venice don’t go far enough South, and ferries from Ancona or Pescara seem to only run a couple of weeks after we get there.  I’m having a hard time understanding the timetables (of which there are many).  Basically we will be in Venice 6/7 and need to be back there to catch a flight 6/15 (need to be there 6/14 , I’m sure).  We don’t mind taking a train, renting a car, etc.  But the flights are so expensive!  We’re also trying to avoid losing a day on a boat.  I like the idea of either the fast ferries, or the ones that go overnight so you don’t lose much time.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer us some help!

    Ps.  We’re not 100% set on Hvar.  Really, we just want to be in a nice place with some history, beaches, good food and nice people.  We’re open to suggestions of other destinations.


    Take bus to Trieste and then to Rijeka.
    For bus from Trieste to Rijeka – check this post:
    https://www.find-croatia.com/forum/index.php?topic=1382.0Take ferry from Rijeka to Hvar – timetable is here:
    Or bus from Rijeka to Split and then ferry to Hvar:
    If this is to complicated, stay in Istria and visit Hvar next time when you fly to Split.


    Thank you!

    We have actually now considered renting a car in Venice and driving to Krk.  I have checked with Avis and all is well with the car rental.  Do you feel we will get a good taste of the country on Krk?  Would you recommend staying on another island for a day or two as well, like Rab?  Also, any recommendations on hotels on Krk? Or towns?  You’ve been a great help…my wife and I are excited to visit!


    Krk is large island, very close to the mainland. It has bridge to mainland which is easy to travel.
    Hotels are listed at this link which offers online booking http://www.booking.com/region/hr/krk.html?aid=314174
    You can take ferry to other islands like Cres, Losinj or Rab, it is hard to reccomend which one, as all of them have something specific,  check introductions for each to make your decision. I think it is better for you to stay up north as going down to Hvar is too far from Venice. My favorite place on Krk is Glavotok, small place but has beautiful XIV century Franciscan church and monastery. Also go to Pag to taste paski sir (pag cheese). If you have your own car it you can visit lot of places!
    Glavotok photo


    Thanks Mario!

    I think you’re right about staying up North.  We heard the beaches were nicer down in the central and southern regions, but you can’t always believe everything people tell you.  Basically, we want a place to relax, eat well, and meet some fun people.  I just want to make sure I get as good of a “taste of Croatia” as I can in one week! 


    We heard the beaches were nicer down in the central and southern regions, but you can’t always believe everything people tell you. 

    It is simply not true. Beaches are similar, rock and pebble, not lot of sandy ones. The only difference is that south of Adriatic is always warmer for few degrees than north Adriatic thats why I like south more but Krk, Rab, Losinj, Cres , Pag are all interesting islands.

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