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Croatia National Tourist Board to spend more on advertising

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    In order to overcome the possibly negative impact of the global financial crisis on Croatian tourism, the National Tourist Board (HTZ) will bolster promotion in 2009 via media and Internet advertising, for which HRK 84.3 million has been set aside, 30% more than this year.

    This plan is envisaged in the amended HTZ 2009 Work Programme, which was discussed by the HTZ Tourist Council and adopted by the HTZ Assembly on Tuesday.

    Of the funds earmarked for next year’s promotion, HRK 39.7 million, or 13% more than this year, will go for TV advertising on primary and secondary foreign markets. In accordance with this year’s results, most of the funds will be spent in Germany and Italy.

    The sum of HRK 9.5 million, or 19% more than this year, will be spent on global TV advertising. Less will be spent on advertising on CNN and Eurosport, but next year ads will be broadcast also on BBC World and Euronews.

    The sum of HRK 25.4 million, or 26% more than this year, has been earmarked for advertising in the foreign press and for PR agencies.

    The highest increase, nearly five times, refers to online marketing, for which HRK 10 million will be spent in 2009.

    Due to stronger Internet promotion channels, the HTZ Main Office is setting up an Internet Office, which will be launched early next year, HTZ Main Office director Niko Bulic said. Bulic and the minister of tourism and president of the HTZ, Damir Bajs, stressed that all measures for next year’s advertising would focus on intensifying relations with domestic and foreign partners in the private sector.

    According to its financial plan for 2009, the HTZ counts on 20% higher revenues, namely HRK 273.78 million, of which 42%, or nearly HRK 115 million, is expected from the national budget, an increase of 28% from this year.

    Bajs said these measures could generate at least the same results as this year in terms or arrivals and nights as well as a 3% increase in revenue.

    This year is expected to result in 1% more arrivals, 2% more nights and a EUR 7.1 billion tourist higher revenue than in 2007.

    Bajs said that 2009 could be one of the most demanding and least certain years for global and Croatian tourism, adding that the most important ratio would be value for money, service quality, and a cautious price policy. (Hina)


    And today’s news is :

    The 830 tour operators active in the nine months of 2008 have managed to bring some 1.88 million foreign visitors to Croatia. The visitors in questions accounted for 13.3 million overnight stays, down 2.6 percent year-on-year in the number of arrivals and 2.9 percent less overnight stays, announced the State Statistics Bureau.


    …and this is the latest :

    Croatia Should Offer Quality To Tourist and Not Cut Prices

    The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general secretary Taleb Rifai has said speaking at a press conference as part of the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin that Croatia should not succumb to pressure for cutting or reducing prices this year, as the only way to attract more tourists is through upgrading quality of the offer using a well thought-out strategy and putting out a wide range of offers.

    so, i am asking now, what is the diffrence between cutting prices and increasing quality of offer?

    both approaches are reducing profit anyway. :


    Croatia tourist destination for EU holidaymakers
    A poll carried out by Eurobarometer shows that Croatia ranks among the top three tourist destinations outside the European Union for EU holidaymakers.

    Perhaps advertising is working well  ???


    Croatian tourism receives award in Moscow

    At the International Tourism Fair MITT held in Moscow the stall of the Croatian Tourist Board received the award for the best organised stall and for overall presentation.

    The Moscow fair gathered more than 8,000 exhibitors from all over the world and was visited by some 70,000 people.

    According to reports, the Croatian stall raised significant interest.
    well done htz  😮


    Tourism Action Plan Still a Mystery 

    Although the Tourism Ministry?s action plan for the upcoming tourism season was supposed to be presented to the government on Tuesday, this did not happen, so that it is not known what the Ministry?s plan is for overcoming the current economic hardships.

    The Tourism Minister Damir Bajs refused to divulge the details of the plan before it is forwarded to the government.


    Source : hrt.hr


    Croatia can still benefit from tourism

    Eulogio Bordas, the director of the Spanish company THR, who is attending the International Tourism Fair CroTour in Zagreb, told reporters on Friday that despite the crisis situation, Croatia could still stand to benefit from tourism, but in order for that to happen, it needed to change its tourism strategy and model and look to one that would support quality and sustainable development.


    Visa regime lifted to save tourism

    Prime Minister Ivo Sanader has announced that an action plan for tourism will be presented to the Economic Council on Wednesday to save the 2009 and 2010 tourism season in Croatia.

    In the radio show ‘How the Government Governs’ Sanader admitted that the measures might be late in coming.

    He also said that after Easter the government would be sending a bill to parliament for the Law on Tourist Estates which defined that all income from the sale of tourist estates will be funnelled into a fund for the tourism sector.

    Another measure foreseen by the action plan is the lifting of the visa regime for Russian and Ukraine citizens, but only during the summer months.


    Easter weekend test for Croatian tourism

    The long Easter weekend is expected to be the first test of Croatia?s tourist season.
    A rise in incoming traffic was registered at the Rupa border crossing as cars bearing Slovenian, Austrian and German registration plates entered Croatia on Friday.
    Italians entered the country at the Pasjak border crossing. At least 2,100 German, Italian, Austrian and French guests are expected to spend Easter at hotels in Crikvenica, Dramalj, Selce and Novi Vinodol.


    we visit a few places here during the easter vacation

    To the south we went to Makarska, here the was quite a few germans and a large group of norwegians.

    We spend 4 days in area around Zadar, there where much more tourist then i expect, we had a one day trip to Paklenica which was quite full despite the bad weather.

    So my general impression is that it is not looking that bad  , but lets see what the official figures say :


    Hi Solitum,
    look at today’s news:

    Croatian Touroperators Reporting a 15-percent Drop in Bookings

    Croatian touroperators are reporting a 15-percent drop in bookings of domestic and foreign tourists compared to the same period of last year.
    Despite much hope being hinged on last-minute bookings, the UHPA touroperators? organization is claiming that a drop in revenue might total up to 20 percent in 2009.

    I bet if they reported 20% it must be at least 40%  :


    Hi Paparojsan,

    yes i saw that one which does not suprice me as the products offered by many tour operators are simply not the right products.

    I operate in different areas of turism, i also of course see there is a decline, but only with a few procent, some of our product we actually  have increased  sales.

    last week there was published a stat for camp site, apperntly the overall result was an increase of 5% in the spring season, i also thin, that  privat accomodation owners who have understood they need to do marketing for their services, will see a increase in activities. the once who will suffer bad are the once, who has been working only with agents.


    More Croatia Tourism News : Istria satisfied, Dalmatia concerned

    More attention is being paid this year to everything related to the tourist season than in the past.

    Pentecost seems to be an important indicator for the coming tourist season and it looks like resorts in Istria and Kvarner will be filling up as for Easter and May 1, but not Dalamatia.

    Istria has registered around 100,000 bookings for Whitsuntide, but the main season is still an uncertainty as many holiday makers are booking late and last minute.


    Tourism Figures Dwindling

    Tourism figures seem to be dwindling. In the first five months of 2009 the Adriatic was visited by about 11 percent less of domestic and eight percent less of foreign tourists.
    The Tourism Ministry has not described these figures as alarming due to the competition in the Mediterranean also facing hard times.


    Crisis-hit Croatia steps up tourist promotion

    ZAGREB (AFP) ? Croatia launched a drive Tuesday to promote itself as a summer tourist destination in the hope of minimising losses in the crucial sector caused by the global economic crisis.

    “The Internet will be the main instrument to communicate the action which is starting today,” the head of the national tourist board, Niko Bulic, told journalists.

    The campaign, presented on the website http://www.welcometocroatia.com.hr, is aimed at encouraging people to discuss the Adriatic country’s tourist destinations through social networking.

    But data showed a decline in visitors to the former Yugoslav republic despite the government having tripled its promotion expenditure to 28 million euros (39 million dollars), Tourism Minister Damir Bajs said.

    During the first five months of this year, a total of 1.8 million people visited Croatia, mainly its island-dotted coastline. This represented a fall of nine percent compared with 2008.

    Over the same period, the country had 5.7 million overnight stays, an eight percent decrease compared with last year.

    Bajs stressed that according to national statistics, Croatia’s main European competitors — Italy, Greece and Spain — registered even larger losses during the first four months of the year.

    “Our main goal for this season is to be equal or better than our competition,” he said, stressing that so-called last-minute bookings would be decisive.

    Last year, the country of 4.4 million inhabitants attracted more than 11 million tourists, representing a one percent gain on the year before. The tourism industry accounts for around 20 percent of Croatia’s gross domestic product.

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