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First non-working Sunday in Croatia

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    The first Sunday in 2009 in Croatia was also the first non-working Sunday for retailers, shops and stores.
    Citizens in search of groceries could obtain them only at kiosks, bakeries, shops at petrol stations, train stations, airports and ferry ports.

    Several days ago, the Retailer?s Guild with the Croatian Chamber of Crafts (HOK) requested that the government postpone the implementation of the Act on Working Hours for Shops that bans them from being open on Sundays, but their demands were not met.

    Shops will re-open on Sundays in June with the start of the tourist season.  

    Hardest hit by the new law are small retailers who believe that they will see a drop in trade and be forced to cut back on employees; some may even face closure.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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