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How long to drive: Jablanac to Split?

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    I’m planning a trip to Croatia in May 2012, and am trying to get a reasonable estimate for driving times.  We will have a rental car.

    Heading south from Rab Island, how long should I allow for the drive from Jablanac (where the car ferry from Rab Island connects to the mainland) down to Split?

    I assume that from Jablanac, it’s best to take the coastal road (route 8?), and then get on the A1 highway (near Posedarje) – correct?  It looks like it would also be possible to take route 25 from the coastal road over the mountains to join highway A1 near Gospic, but I’m assuming that this route would not save any time – correct?

    Basically I’m looking for info on how long the drive will take and which way is fastest.  Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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