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    I’ve just booked a ten day holiday (9 overnight stays) in Croatia for myself and my husband in July. We’re flying into and out of Dubrovnik. We’re planning on using public transport and basing ourselves in 3-4 locations. We need to at least spend the first and last night of our holiday in Dubr

    Can anyone suggest a good itinerary for us? We’ll spend the first 2-3 days in Dubrovnik, and I’d quite like to do an overnight in Plitvice (assuming it’s not too difficult to get to on the bus). Apart from that, I’m not sure where to stay, or how much of the Croatia it’s reasonable to cover in that length of time. We’d rather see a smaller part of the country slowly than end up rushing about trying to fit everything in. Can anyone help?



    Re: “and I’d quite like to do an overnight in Plitvice (assuming it’s not too difficult to get to on the bus”

    As you are staying in Croatia only 9 days maybe Plitvice Lakes are not easy to reach from Dubrovnik.

    From Dubrovnik to Plitvice will take you long time by bus.

    My suggestion is to stick with coast around Dubrovnik including Islands Mljet and Korcula, visit Split, Trogir and Sibenik, perhaps day trip at Krka National Park.

    This will be more than enough for 9 days. Visit Plitvice next time 


    Thanks Maja

    I’m now working on staying for a couple of nights in Dubrovnik, getting a ferry or bus to Split, and then working our way by ferry back towards Dubrovnik, staying at Korcula and Mjlet along the way.

    I found the ferry schedule a little difficult to work with at first, as there doesn’t appear to be a central timetable with ferries for all operators on it. It wasn’t too bad, apart from working out how to get to Mjlet from Korcula. I ended up making an Excel spreadsheet with schedules for different operators on it, and planning our trip like that.



    curlygirl – that’s a fab idea with the excel sheet. Could I be very cheeky and ask if you could e-mail it to me?!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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