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    I am traveling to Croatia from USA. I will take the ferry to the park. What is the best way to see the park? By foot or rental car? What are my options after arriving at the park?


    Well this is personal choice really. If you like walking i would suggest you to simply walk.
    There are good maps displayed around the park and paths are well marked ( as far as I remember)
    You may also consider hiring a bicycle


    No vehicles are allowed in National Park Mljet.
    Their website says this:

    Once inside the National park, all visitors must obey the Rules of International Order of Mljet National Park (published in Narodne Novine no. 76/00). These are intended to preserve the natural, cultural and historical character of the park. Inside the protected area, there is the Supervisory Service of the Public Institution of Mljet National park. Its employees are responsible for applying the rules and issuing all necessary permits. Visitors can enter the Park only through official entrances of the Mljet National Park: Crna Klada, Pomena and Pola?e. To enter the Park, one has to pay the entrace fee to the Institution.
    Entrance to the basic phenomenon of the “Mljet” National Park for tour around the Great Lake and the Small Lake and visit to the isle of St. Mary with the Benedictine monastery is marked. It is located on the road Pola?e – Gove?ari – Pristani?te at Vrbovica, and on the pedestrian pathway Pomena – Small Lake. Out of these two entrances visitors are not allowed to enter the basic phenomenon.
    Within the borders of the National Park visitors are not allowed to go beyond the area intended for sightseeing and visiting.
    The use of cars and motorcycles is strictly forbidden within the basic phenomenon of the National Park.
    Entering the lakes by boat is allowed only by the use of paddles.
    ANCHORING – allowed only in the bays of Pomena and Pola?e.

    1) To damage, destroy, pick or steal any type of archaeological findings and material remains of different cultures, archaeological and fossil remains and monuments of culture.
    2) To pollute or damage the marine ecosystem in any way.
    3) Disposal of wastes in unmarked places.
    4) Picking of plants or endangering the vegetation in any sense.
    5) Starting a fire.
    6) Smoking at unmarked places.
    7) Hunting or disturbing the animals.
    8. Carrying and using firearms or any other means which can be used for hunting (e.g. bows and arrows, traps, hunting nets, etc.)
    9) Fishing without a special permit.
    10) Fishing in the Great Lake, Small Lake and the Soline channel.
    11) Entering the forests during night.
    12) Camping.
    13) SCUBA diving in the Lakes.
    14) Enter the Park without a valid ticket.


    Here is map of the park :
    No cars are allowed in the Park itself (within yellow borders).
    You can use car outside the Park.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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