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My ambitious plan

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    Hi all, I’m so excited with my plan to Croatia!
    I only have 4 days for the trip this august but there’re so many places that i want to go!
    The plan I have come up with is as such:-
    Day 1 – arrive at Split – take ferry to Hvar and stay for the night
    Day 2 – ferry to Korcula and stay for the night
    Day 3 – ferry to Dubrovnik and stay for the night
    Day 4 – departing from Dubrovnik

    Basically the 2 places which I really want to go is Dubrovnik and Hvar, but they are so far apart!
    And that’s why I have to come up with such a hectic plan.

    I’m still researching on the ferry schedules to see if they can fit in…
    Would very much appreciate if someone would let me know whether this is do-able…

    Thanks in advance!!


    sure, this is do-able  this can be nice long weekend @ croatian islands

    check these links:

    ferries from split to hvar:

    ferry from hvar to korcula :

    info for travel from korcula to dubrovnik is here:

    have a great time!


    I agree with Travelgirl, it is do-able, but is almost a petty that you only get to spend maximum a day in each of those beautiful places. It reminds me a bit of a Japanese tour schedule 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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