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My whole Croatian camping trip!

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    I’m currently planning a few weeks of camping in Croatia and after reading a lot of the topics and articles want to ask a little more! I’m coming straight after a little stint at Oktoberfest (yes, I am Australian  ) ending on 3rd October so first question is would it be better to go down to Venice, have a look, then a ferry to Pula? Or a train from Munich to Zagreb? I’m keen to spend most of my time on the islands or the mainland coast.

    Once there I was, with a map, list of campsites and some recommendations (anyone??  :D ), just make my way down the Croatian coast with everything on my back, assumming that buses and ferries are easy enough to book and catch on the day. And fairly cheap Would that be true? And is the time of year, early October, suitable for this kind of travel? The idea is to spend 2-3 weeks doing this then skipping through to Greece to see some of their islands, then ferry over Palermo and a similar camping trip up to Rome.

    With the more practical stuff in mind, what camping gear will I need? I was thinking a compact two man tent with rain cover, a roll up mattress, thin sleeping bag, electric lamp/torch and then the minimum cooking stuff required. Are you generally nearby some kind of grocery or baker or similar cheap food source when you’re at a camp site? Would prefer to not have to lug around pots and pans and cookers and what not.

    Finally just want to confirm that as a solo traveller (at this point anyway) would I be ‘safe’? I’m generally very comfortable travelling by myself but thought I’d ask anyway. Is there anything else I’ve missed??

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!




    Hi Aaron,
    First I would say you will be fine as far as safety is concerned.i don’t think you need to worry about that,
    I can not recomend you campsites as I dont know enough about them, i only visited few.
    October is generally already out of season time so you might find some of the campsites already closed, so be prepared to take room somewhere instead of camping.
    Also it might rain, so it can be annoying so I would suggest you if you can to make that tirp earlier like September if you can.
    Regarding food, it will be plenty of supply nearby in shops where localc shop so you will be ok for that one too.
    Good luck 


    I was also wondering if the camp site ever provide tents, sleeping bags, etc. or if you are planning on camping should you bring you own? Do you think the campsites will be availaible in mid August?


    You are better off to bring your own stuff.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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