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Peljesac: Remains Found Might Be those of an Australian Tourist

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    The Dubrovnik and Neretva county police have told the press that two locals in Orebic found human remains at Mount Sveti Ilija.
    It is believed that the skeletal remains belong to a young Australian visiting the area about 18 months ago, as some of his personal effects were found near the body. Andrew John Modistach had vanished on Sept. 9, 2005.

    My simpaties to Andrew’s family and friends


    It can be very dangerous to hike in the mountains on your own.

    If you hike with somebody you look after each other. This is very, very sad  :(


    Yes, it seems Andrew was hiking on his own in Sveti Ilija mountain when something happened.
    He was unlucky as nobody was around to help him.
    Later, people were looking for him for days and days without any success.
    It is really heart breaking … I hope it will never happened again…
    Link with photos of rescue team working at Sveti Ilija : http://svilija98.blog.hr/
    My deep simpaties to his family.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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