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Plan to bail out tottering Adriatica.net

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    CROATIAN GOVERNMENT has decided to shore up Adriatica.net, a tour operator in financial straits, by allowing state owned firms to take a stake in the company .
    Croatia’s largest tour operator, the tourism industry group Adriatica.net, will be salvaged after all.
    The bailout plan, which is to be made public over the coming two weeks, includes the entry of new partners into the ownership structure of Adriatica.net, who will recapitalise the tottering tourism industry group with some 40 million euro. Nacional has gained exclusive insight a few days ago as to who would make up the eight-member group of future co-owners of Adriatica.net.
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    Adriatica.net office


    Vlada je odlu?ila pomo?i posrnulom turoperatoru Adriatica.net, i to tako ?to je dopustila ulazak javnim tvrtkama u vlasni?ku strukturu te tvrtke


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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