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Plitvice Lakes Accommodation

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    I will be flying into Zadar this month and would like to take a trip out to Plitvice lakes before heading down the coast to Split and Dubrovnik.
    I will be travelling alone by bus. If I only spend one day at Plitvice lakes I will only have 5 hours max there due to the bus times to/from Zadar. However it appears to be rather difficult for a single traveller to stay at the lakes overnight. All accommodation within walking distance is rather expensive. (I would prefer not to have to spend much more than ?20 a night).

    Does anyone know of cheap accommodation close to the park? Or alternatively, is it easy to get public transport to/from the nearby towns where there is cheaper rooms available?



    For accomodation near Plitvice lakes (5km) you should check Restaurant Degenija! Great place, nice rooms in house near the restaurant! http://www.restoran-degenija.hr
    Every day bus drives tourist from this area to Plitvice!



    we went to Plitvice end of october and stayed in San Korona 5 km from Park, we paid 100 kn a person (13 Euro)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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