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Public Transportation and best itenerary

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    My husband and I will be travelling to Croatia in September 2008. Our total trip length is 21 days.  We plan to only take train/bus (or foot) transportation.  We will be coming from Frankfurt into Zagreb and plan a few days in Zagreb. We wanted to then travel to Karlovac for a day but from here I’m stumped to the best direction to travel.  We definately want to visit Plitvicka lakes but also take a trip down the coast.  We hope to take the Ferry from Dobrovinick to Bari and then on to Rome. Our Flight from Rome is October 4th.  I’ve managed to navigate the travel sites and have found that the ferry from Dobrovnick leaves on September 28th so that gives us from September 17th to the 28th to explore Croatia.  I’m thinking:

    Zagreb to Karlovac
    Karlovac to Plitvicka
    Plitvicka to Isteria area
    Island hopping by ferry to Dobrovinick

    I’m having a hard time finding information regarding bus transfers from Plitvicka to ‘any where’.  Is the above itenerary feasible or should we head toward Split from Plitvicka and save Isteria for another trip?  We plan to camp or hostel for accomodations and hope to see more of the culture instead of the tourist part of Croatia. Unfortunately we can’t see everything so what would be the ‘best’ itenerary to see the ‘most’ of Croatia within the time contraints we are working with? WE would love to see the Baredine Caves but I’m not sure if this can be worked. 

    Any suggestions, ideas, or information regarding accomodations and transportation would be LOVELY!
    Thanks in advance!



    You have 11 days to travel. Maybe the best is to leave Istria for another time.
    For your bus from Plitvice to Split, Zadar or Sibenik , my suggestion is to take any but that goes south towards the coast and then change as suited. This is not to difficult, lot of buses are passing Plitvice, just stay nead the road and wave to bus to stop. If you don’t wave they will not stop. And dont’ travel by nigt always start during morning to have more time to choose your bus.


    Thank you very much for your reply! I had read that same thing about the buses. Thanks for your advice!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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