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    Hi! I’m a portuguese student and I’m going on an interrail this summer. I’m arriving at rijeka on September and I’m staying there for a couple of days and wanted to see the island Krk. Does anybody know how can I get there?I’ve found this company http://www.autotrans.hr/ but they don’t have any timetables available and I don’t know if I just can get out and see the sightseeing, and get another one back! Does anybody knows any other company, prices and timetables?

    And to get to Slpit from Rijeka?it’s better by train or by bus?does anyone advise any company?

    thanks a lot



    the busses from Autotrans leaves at 18:15  and 21:15 trip from Rijeka to the city Krk takes an hour and 15 minutes, you can also go via Cres from Rijeka, journey will then be around 3 hours.

    From Split to Rijeka, you can go by, train, bus and ferry, i would recommend bus.



    Isn’t there any bus earlier?like in the morning?because I wanted to see the island in the day, or part of the island, and get back to rijeka at the end of the day!And do you know the ticket prices? And I assume that there would be another bus back right?:p



    Take a midday bus to Mali Losinj and get off on Krk. Earlier option would be bus to Cres via Brestova.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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