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Rooms around Kutarevo ?

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    i’m trying to plan a few days around Sjeverni Velebit and Kutarevo or Krasno in particular but i can’t seem to find a single place i can book online, (well, i found one but it was fully booked)  i’d like to stay out in the country if i can… any idea would be appreciated, thanks


    our first experience was this one but it was an absolute success so i can recommend it:

    TEL. 099-7220464
    Mr. Tomo Bukovac

    Clean rooms, great food, affordable prices – all you need…..


    Ah, this place is really great, i’ve got tons of good memories

    at walking distance from the Kuterevo Bear Refuge it also has a few simple rooms and it served as a homebase for our explorations in the nearby Northern Velebit’s hiking trails
    the rustic food in the outside veranda was simply stunning, the owner must be a barbecue champion!
    we loved the genuine hospitality of the owners, who really did their best to make us feel welcome even though they didn’t speak english too much

    the best in the area for sure, but no frills, eh ?!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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