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Seminar ?Women and Politics" – Class Differences in Feminism

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    In cooperation with Heinrich B?ll Foundation and Inter University Center Dubrovnik

    A practical change of women’s position in society requires action based on the understanding of the given power relations, domination and (re)production of social roles. The seminar ‘Women and Politics’ came out of the need for empirically founded analyses of social phenomena significant for women’s position, as well as for the discussion grounded in such analysis.

    ?enska infoteka, an institution that systematically works on collecting and disseminating documentation and information regarding women, and at the same time cooperates with the network of activist women’s non-governmental organizations, has chosen a thematic “Women and Politics” for a main pillar of the multiyear project of international conferences and seminar discussions. The term ‘politics’ is used in its wider sense – we regard as politics all spheres of social life in which women appear (or not). As our aim is to provide a comprehension needed for effective social change, the seminar is designed as a working session of female scientists, researches, politically engaged intellectuals and activists. Each year seminar deals with a different aspect of social life, which is relevant from the feminist perspective. The title for this year is ‘Class Differences in Feminism’

    Complete article: http://www.zinfo.hr/engleski/index-eng.htm

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